Oily Water Separator

The oily water separator is supplied as a compact modular system, with internal piping and wiring. It is ready to use by connecting the suction and discharge lines as well as the central power supply. The oily water separator conforms to IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49) and comes with 15 ppm bilge alarm.


» Measurement range: 0~30ppm
» Measurement precision: 15ppm+/-5ppm (IMO Standard)
» Instant alarm relay
» Power: AC 110/220V
» Output: 4~20mA
» Size: 285x190x90mm
» IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49) Approved



Sewage Treatment Plant

The system has been developed using the "submerged fixed bed bio-film process". The advantage of this treatment method is its extremely large reactive area, which is up to 15 times larger than conventional systems. This area is occupied by active micro-organisms within a short period of time, thus forming the bio-mass. The sewage to be cleaned has to flow through this bio-mass and is cleaned using organic methods

Main Air Compressor

The marine air compressor are available in air-cooled and water-cooled versions. The marine air compressor is noted for its durability, high performance, space saving, low vibration, low noise level, light weight, high volumetric and low installation cost. The system is manufactured and tested under full load in accordance with the valid standards to offer economical, can apply to air and neutral gases up to pressure of 350 bar.


Maximum Dimensions
L x W x H (mm)

Maximum Pressure
No of Stages

Maximum Speed

Free Air Delivery

Maximum Power
BV 20 800 x 560 x 650 30 2 1750 22 4.9
BV 30 840 x 580 x 600 30 2 1750 33 7.2
BV 60 1050 x 630 x 770 30 2 1750 62 14.1
BV 90 1228 x 856 x 786 30 3 1750 100 21.0
BV120 1266 x 856 x 786 30 3 1750 135 27.6
BV160 1330 x 856 x 786 30 3 1750 170 33.4
BL225 1363 x 1035 x 900 30 3 1750 230 44.1
BL275 1410 x 1035 x 925 30 3 1750 280 53.3
BL450 1587 x 1185 x 1081 30 3 1450 450 84.6
BL550 1587 x 1185 x 1081 30 3 1450 465 84.4


Hydrophore System

The hydrophore unit is pre-wired and tested before delivery to ensure its performance, the unit control functions can be customized and integrated into the system according to your needs and requirements. The hot water calorifier unit can be customized to suit wide range of requirement, it is also compliance to IMO rules and fulfils Green passport requirement.


Capacity Material Pressure Temperature Inspection
Hydrophore Unit 100-6000 Litre Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel 3-10bar 10-80degree Maker's inspection/ Class Certification
Calorifier 100-6000 Litre Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel 3-12bar - -

Fresh Water Generator

The fresh water generator are available in Tubular Type and Plate Type. Tubular Type produces water economically without any additional heat source. Plate Type utilizes the heat from diesel engine coolant to evaporate sea water based on two titanium plate heat exchange acting as an evaporator and a condenser. The fresh water generator produced water’s salinity will not exceed 10ppm, the produced water is very pure and soft water to be used in many purposes.